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Seven Points CBD + Hemp Oil 12.5mg 30 Softgels
$29.99 $51.00 41% Off
Each gel cap contains 12.5mg full spectrum CBD extract with the associated hemp based terpenes dissolved in 100% organic hemp seed carrier oil rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. CBD is reported to promote homeostasis throughout the human body. That is why you will start to "feel better" in all aspects of both physical and mental health. Benefits have been reported to begin as soon as minutes to as long as a couple weeks after starting on CBD. The most special moment comes when you realize that the nagging aches, pains or stress seem almost vanish. That is the WOW moment that will make a believer out of the most staunch skeptic. Try our 12.5 mg gelcaps and we're sure you will agree. 30 ct bottle
Seven Points CBD 600mg Tincture 1oz (30ml)
$39.99 $64.00 38% Off
Each 1oz bottle contains 600mg of our organically grown, small batch CBD extract dissolved in 100% organic hemp seed carrier oil. This translates to 1mg of full spectrum CBD per drop. Just a few drops applied sublingually will do the trick to help reduce inflammation and bring all the health benefits of CBD and hempseed oil. Sublingual absorption is highly effective because the oil permeates the sublingual gland below the tongue which is loaded with capillaries as well as the sublingual vein and artery which lead to the carotid artery providing very high bioavailability. Every drop of our CBD and hemp oil is 100% US grown on small family owned farms and extracted in small batches producing a fresh flavor and aroma that is unmistakable. We are so selective in our process that only the very best species makes the cut and few farms meet our organically grown standards. We don’t settle for second best, neither should you.
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